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Cell Staining Science Kit - Middle School
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Skin Cells Stained with Trypan Blue

The Cell Biology Science Kit directions explain in a step-by-step fashion how the individual student is to use the enclosed sterilized toothpicks to scrape inside the cheek, place the cell scraping on the slide in the cellTRAY, and stain the scrapings of the cells with the enclosed Trypan Blue solution. The student is then to observe his or her own live cells under a microscope, making the experiment a personal experience directly related to the individual student.

The cellTRAY Science Kits for Students contain cellTRAY Dishes, activity worksheets and supplemental materials for a classroom of 30 students.

Teacher's Kits contain the materials needed to run the experiment, step-by-step directions to ensure success in the classroom, student questions to maximize their learning, as well as the NSES standards reference.

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Recent Questions

We are not able to use cheek cells in our classroom. Does the cellTRAY Science Kit work on any non-cheek cells? D. Keating
What are the primary differences between the stains that can be used in cell staining experiments? R. Thompson