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The Product Q & A Forum allows you to submit questions about Nanopoint products which can be answered in the forum for the benefit of the rest of the community.

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Submitted by
W. Lee
Q: I saw your cellTRAY Dish at a recent tradeshow where it was being sold in 4 units per package. Why can't I purchase them on your web site?
A: The tradeshow package can be purchased by contacting us directly at (808) 457-1145.
Submitted by
A. Chen
Q: We purchase all of our laboratory supplies through catalog vendors. Who carries your products?
A: Our products are currently available only through our web site and our cellTRAY Connect partners outside of the US. We are working with some US distributors to add the cellTRAY Dish to their catalogs as soon as possible.
Submitted by
Q: It appears that your product is virtually indestructible. How many uses can I reasonably get out of it?
A: The cellTRAY Dish was designed to survive 10-15 autoclave cycles to reduce our customer's overall cost of ownership and help minimize the amount of plastic lab supply waste that is going into landfills.

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