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Two pedestals secure the slide while the dish is tipped for total extraction of media, PBS and other treatments.

Traditional Petri Dish
Slide lies flat and is difficult to grab.
User-Friendly cellTRAY Dish
Pedestals allow easy, clean pick up.
  • Reusable, environmentally-friendly
  • Autoclave and freeze with no warping
  • Effortlessly pick up and handle slides
  • Notches keep slide firmly in place
  • Add and remove media easily
  • Optically clear for viewing
  • Frosted rim for labeling
  • Durable polycarbonate design
cellTRAY Dish
Box of 24 dishes
$180 USD
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I saw the cellTRAY Dish at a tradeshow where it was being sold in 4 units per package. Why can't I purchase them on your web site? W. Lee
We purchase all of our laboratory supplies through catalog vendors. Who carries your products? A. Chen
How many uses can I reasonably get out of the dish? Anonymous