CT-2000 Live Cell Imaging System

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cellTRAY Live Cell Imaging System Model CT-2000 available now
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Nanopoint's cellTRAY® Imaging System Model CT-2000 offers the most advanced, on-microscope incubator and integrated microfluidics system available for life science research. The system allows experiments to run on an inverted microscope for extended periods of time, enabling time-lapse imaging of live cells over the course of several hours to days.

The system consists of multiple components including:

  • cellTRAY Slide
  • Microfluidics Controller
  • Stage-Mounted Incubator
  • CCD Camera
  • Prior Pro Scan System
  • Desktop computer with pre-installed software
    • cellTRAY Life Support Manager
    • cellTRAY Manager Software
  • Protocols & Warranty
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How is this system better than other live cell imaging systems available, also taking into consideration the applications submitted? Neeraj
Can we use different cells for different experiments on various regions of the cellTRAY? Terry