cellTRAY® Microfluidics System for ART

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cellTRAY Microfluidics System for Assisted Reproduction Applications
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Microfluidics Delivery System

  • Laminar flow is similar to the in vivo condition of the oviduct versus the current static culture method
  • Pulse rhythm mimics the in vivo condition of the oviduct
  • Fluid flow imparts movement and rotation of the oocyte, leading to increased fertilization and physiological benefits, such as nutrient media contact on all surfaces of the oocyte/embryo and the provision of fresh media without cell manipulations
  • Reduced oocyte/embryo stresses due to reduced cell manipulations
  • Greater consistency of incubation conditions
  • Elimination of mineral oil
  • Reduced personnel handling
  • Small footprint
  • Expandable

The cellTRAY® for Assisted Reproduction Applications

  • Biocompatible materials – borosilicate glass bottom is bonded to polycarbonate top piece with etched wells and channels
  • Well sizes can easily accommodate the loading and unloading of embryos
  • Well walls constrain the embryo mimicking the reproductive tract
  • Channel dimensions accommodate laminar flow similar to the in vivo condition of the oviduct
  • Small nutrient media volume (3-5µL) within a well is comparable to the volumes within the lumen of the reproductive tracts (> 6x reduction in consumables)
  • Lower embryo to media volume ratio within a well promotes increased exchange of nutrients and embryo products

The cellTRAY® Mini Microscope

  • Compact inverted imaging platform for routine monitoring
  • Optical magnification of 1.8 X.  Digital magnification to 10X
  • Manual stage moves in the XY direction while maintaining focus 
  • Onstage incubation system fits under the Mini Microscope cover
  • Internal light source 
  • CCD camera
  • Imaging software

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