CT-1000 Live Cell Imaging System

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Q: Why don't you list all of the pre-requisites for the CT-1000 Imaging System anymore on your website?
A: Based on feedback from our customers, we have repackaged the CT-1000 imaging system to include everything you need except for the microscope itself. Also included in the new package is on-site installation to install all of the components and provide the basic system training.
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Q: What is the difference between the CT-1000 and the CT-2000?
A: The CT-1000FL has the same powerful imaging and automation capabilities. The system does not contain an active microfluidics delivery system, but supports static feeding of cells on the cellTRAY in conjunction with the isolation chambers. Live cell imaging that does not require more than a couple of house on stage can be performed on the CT-1000 and imaging that requires extended periods of time should use the CT-2000.
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W. Davies
Q: Do you have any models of the cellTRAY without channels?
A: Yes, we have been showing some new prototype units at some recent tradeshows. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at info@nanopointimaging.com.

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