CT-1000 Live Cell Imaging System

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cellTRAY Live Cell Imaging System Model CT-1000 now available
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The cellTRAY


Nanopoint's cellTRAY slide is a micro-scale cell containment device that creates new standards of precision and levels of efficiency for the study of live cells. The cellTRAY provides for the isolation of cells into individual micro-wells, allowing researchers to observe very small groups of cells throughout an experiment. Each cellTRAY is packaged in a cellTRAY Dish, a unique, fully autoclavable custom holder that enables easy loading, incubation, and cell culturing.

cellTRAYs with well diameters of 200µm (cellTRAY Model CT-1200) and 300µm (cellTRAY Model CT-1300) are currently available for the CT-1000 Live Cell Imaging System. To learn more about the cellTRAY, visit the cellTRAY section of our website.

CCD Camera

Also included is a scientific-grade camera for high-resolution documentation and image archiving. This 1.4 megapixel CCD digital camera provides versatile solutions for life science and clinical professionals working under low light conditions. With a resolution of 1392 x 1040 pixels and on-board processing, these cameras deliver outstanding image quality for a wide variety of scientific applications.

Nanopoint's cooled monochrome CCD camera is ideal in low-light conditions where high dynamic range is required, and is suited to fluorescence-based applications such as cell viability, apoptosis, gene expression, and cell signaling studies.

Camera Specifications

Prior ProScan System

Prior ProScan Stage with filter wheels and shutter controls.

The Prior ProScan System is a motorized XYZ stage with joystick, controller, filter wheels and shutter providing a high precision solution for automation of image acquisition.

For more information, please visit the Prior product page by clicking here.

Desktop Computer & Software

The computer comes pre-loaded with the cellTRAY Manager software for navigation, image acquisition, and data management for easy setup and use.

cellTRAY Manager Software

Screenshot from cellTRAY Manager Software

Nanopoint's powerful Windows-based software, cellTRAY Manager, allows researchers to leverage the array format of the cellTRAY and to streamline and fully automate image acquisition. Features include:

  • Well-To-Well Navigation
    No need for manual centering or focusing
  • Automated Scans
    Automated acquisition of all, or a specified subset, of wells
  • Light Path Management
    Switch quickly between groups of camera and filter wheel settings
  • Time Lapse Imaging
    Perform automated scans at specified intervals
  • Data Management Tools
    Easily reorganize scan data for processing and analysis

cellTRAY Manager Specifications

Applications & Protocols

JC-1 Assay using the cellTRAY Imaging System

Nanopoint supports a diverse set of optimized applications and protocols for use with the cellTRAY Imaging System. Supported applications include:

  • Counting live/dead cells in culture
  • Measuring different aspects of cellular self-destruct processes (apoptosis)
  • Evaluating cell growth cycles
  • Assessing cell protein markers
  • Screening individual cells for genetically tagged fluorescent proteins (GFP)
  • Performing multiple RNAi (siRNA) experiments and optically monitoring the effects of gene silencing in live cells in real-time.

Read more what kinds of applications have been supported by the cellTRAY Live Cell Imaging System in our applications section.