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Nanopoint's award-winning, patented cellTRAY technology enables the precise containment of an array of live cells, supported by an optional microfluidics system. This new, easy-to-use innovation allows for more organized experiments, higher throughput, and a reduction in reagents and materials used per experiment.

The cellTRAY has broad application to life science research, drug discovery, disease detection, clinical screening, targeted therapeutics, and other areas where live cell imaging and analysis is important. It can be used as a replacement for microscope slides, Petri dishes, and microtiter plates.

Advanced Design & Construction

The cellTRAY is a reusable, precision microarray of etched wells on a 3" x 1" slide, made of an optically clear glass for use with both upright or inverted microscopes. The cellTRAY fits into any standard slide holder, enabling scientists and clinicians to use existing microscopes, scanners and readers already in their labs.

  CT-1300 CT-2300 CT-2301 CT-2600
# of Wells 640 1120 112 6
Well Size 300µm 300µm 300µm 1500µm
Total Volume 6.18µL 60.3µL 31.6µL 144µL
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With the fixed, ordered position of the well array, the cellTRAY can be leveraged for powerful, precise, and rapid high content image acquisition. To learn more about the optimal use of the cellTRAY for imaging applications, take a look at information about Nanopoint's cellTRAY Live Cell Imaging Systems.

Cell Culture Support

Cells can be easily cultured in the cellTRAY improving the efficiency of lab technicians and scientists alike.


The cellTRAY can be loaded simply with a standard pipette, with cells settling into individual wells by gravity. For laboratories desiring more precise loading, cells and other materials can be loaded using liquid handling systems that can dispense picoliter volumes and spot sizes of 100 µm or less. Acoustical loading systems have successfully demonstrated their ability to load materials in the cellTRAY.

Cell Culture Maintenance and Reagent Delivery

In passive microfluidics cellTRAYs (Models CT-1200 and CT-1300), each well is connected to a microfluidic "capillary" channel. Cells can be observed before and after replication allowing the scientist to monitor the response of cells to other stimuli.

The active microfluidics cellTRAY (Models CT-2300 & CT-2301) can be used with Nanopoint's cellTRAY Microfluidics Systems for more precise, controlled delivery of cell media and reagents over extended periods of time.

cellTRAY Reconditioning Services

The cellTRAY Reconditioning Service will remove any residual biological and/or chemical contaminants not removed during the regular cleaning protocols commonly performed in the laboratory. The cellTRAY needs to be mailed back to Nanopoint and this manufacturer's reconditioning will take 2-4 weeks. All reconditioned cellTRAYs arrive back to your lab in "like new" condition.


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