cellTRAY® Microfluidics System Model CT-2000 ART

CT-2000 Microfluidics System for Assisted Reproduction Applications
For assisted reproduction applications

Nanopoint's cellTRAY Microfluidics System for assisted reproduction applications is intended to help scientists and physicians achieve quality improvements in their in vitro embryos, provide time-lapse imaging throughout the development of the embryo, easily enable morphology monitoring and metabolic profiling, and foster improvements in cryobiology.

cellTRAY® Live Cell Imaging System Model CT-2000

CT-2000 Live Cell Imaging System
Automated, long-term live cell imaging

Nanopoint's cellTRAY® Live Cell Imaging System Model CT-2000 offers the most advanced, on-microscope incubator and integrated microfluidics system available for life science research. The system allows experiments to run on an inverted microscope for extended periods of time, while the acquisition component enables automated, precise time-lapse imaging of live cells over the course of several hours to days.

cellTRAY® Microfluidics System Model CT-2000F

CT-2000F Microfluidics System
Enabling long-term live cell studies

Nanopoint's cellTRAY® Microfluidics System Model CT-2000F offers the most advanced, on-microscope, environmental control system available. The custom-designed microfluidics system allows live cell studies to extend over the course of several days.

cellTRAY® Live Cell Containment Device

Compact inverted imaging platform for routine monitoring of live cells

Cells can be viewed and imaged in well plates*, standard Petri dishes, flasks, slides or cellTRAYs. The optical magnification of the mini microscope is 1.8X but can be digitally zoomed to 10X.

Mini-Microscope System

Advanced, miniaturized cell containment microarray

Nanopoint’s unique cellTRAY-based solutions are picoliter-scaled cell culture and imaging systems for live cell-based assays, with broad applications to life science research, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical production as well as other areas where single cell analysis is important.

cellTRAY® Live Cell Imaging System Model CT-1000

CT-1000 Live Cell Imaging System
Automated precision and superior capacity

The CT-1000 system is ideal for cell based RNAi studies, cell-based assays, phenotypic analysis and optical imaging in live cell arrays or with other macromolecular structures.

cellTRAY® Dish

cellTRAY Dish
For cellTRAYs and standard microscope slides

Nanopoint's cellTRAY Dish has been designed to contain the cellTRAY during the cell loading, incubation, washing, and staining stages of the experiment. Scientists can place the holder containing the cellTRAY onto the microscope stage to observe cell monolayer confluency.

cellTRAY® Science Kit

cellTRAY Science Kit
For high school and middle school students

The cellTRAY® Science Kits have been designed to be used in middle school and high school in conformance with the National Science Education Standards.

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