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Honolulu-based bio-nanotechnology company wins big in Boston

Press Release
June 2, 2006

Nanopoint, Inc. wins prestigious 2006 NSTI Nanotech Venture Award

Honolulu, Hawaii – June 2, 2006 – Honolulu-based Bio-Nanotechnology company, Nanopoint, Inc., was a featured presenter at the Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) “Nanotech Ventures 2006” conference in Boston last month, and won the prestigious 2006 NSTI Nanotech Venture Award, for Life Sciences.

This is but the latest in a string of awards. Last year, Nanopoint won the top spot at the Nanotech Investor Forum in Palm Springs, CA, and was one of only five nanotechnology companies to make “Finalist” in the World Technology Awards in San Francisco.

“We are very pleased with winning this award, especially since it came from the leaders of our industry,” said company president, Cathy Owen. “Everyone in the nano world from venture capitalists to corporate executives voted on this award and we won. This continued validation of our technology from our peers, our customers and industry leaders demonstrates the high level of interest in our unique solutions.”

Nanopoint used the Boston show to launch their new cellTRAY® microfluidics platform, and garnered significant interest from potential customers as well as several potential strategic partners. The company's new product is based on its cellTRAY®, a new “Lab-On-a-Chip” product which significantly reduces lab costs per experiment. This represents a huge potential savings in time and money for big pharma companies trying to get new life-saving drugs to the market, and places the company in a market that is growing at over 40% per year.

About Nanopoint, Inc.

Nanopoint, Inc, a Honolulu-based bio-nanotechnology company, is commercializing a platform for intracellular imaging. Nanopoint’s new product line enables non-destructive, continuous imaging of objects and processes within living cells, at resolutions starting at 50 nanometers. For additional information, please contact them at (808) 457-1145 or visit their website at

About Nanotech 2006

Nanotech 2006 is the largest gathering of industrial, academic, business and governmental nanotech-related professionals in the world, and is presented by The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI), Boston, Mass. NSTI ( is chartered with the advancement and integration of nanotechnology's use for a variety of research and business sectors through education, collaboration and research services. NSTI was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.