Company Overview

Company Overview
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HNu-nanoPOINT is a privately-held biotechnology company that develops and markets unique cellular experimentation systems for the life sciences market. Nanopoint's microfluidics platform enables multi-day experimentation in a controlled environment. This platform is integrated with live cell imaging capabilities, offering greater precision, repeatability, throughput, and efficiency than conventional platforms. Nanopoint systems are used for a wide range of applications such as assisted reproductive technology, drug discovery, cell culturing, and other life science research.

Nanopoint overcomes the limitations of current cell analysis methods by bringing a patent pending, micro-capillary flow technology and optical cell containment device to the bench-top and individual scientists. The cellTRAY imaging systems provide many of the benefits of current cell analysis techniques in terms of sensitivity, accuracy and a variety of applications, while in a form that is compact, affordable, easy-to-operate, robust, and uses low (picoliter) sample volumes. Nanopoint systems generate ~500 times less waste, and provide rapid, intuitive and easy-to-read results at the scientist’s bench-top.


  • Introduced the world’s first patented glass-substrate based cell containment microarray with thousands of wells for containing individual or small groups of cells for imaging and analysis during experimentation. These hands-on, picoliter-scale cell analysis systems significantly change cell analysis, by providing scientists the ability to perform high precision experiments at their laboratory bench-tops.
  • Delivered an integrated, turnkey live cell research platform complete with proprietary software that automates navigation among the cells in the microarray and the process of acquiring and storing the images of cells under experimentation.
  • Established a network of research collaborations with leading academic institutions, medical centers, and biotech companies including University of Hawaii, North Carolina State University, University of Arizona, Southwestern Medical Center, Queen’s Medical Research Center, Hawaii Biotech, and Cellular Bioengineering. These collaborations are aimed at developing new applications and refining Nanopoint’s solutions.
  • Assembled an experienced executive management team with biotechnology industry backgrounds, as well as specific expertise in biomedical research, product management, business development, and marketing.